Monday, 21 December 2009

Enter the world - Avatar: My View

I'm writing this post right after watching Enter the World - Avatar. I still feel some Pandora sounds ringing in my ears.

Story Plot:

The movie opens with Jake Solly's journey to Pandora. His brother is dead. So the similar genetic organism which is of course the hero himself is chosen to be sent this new world and learn their war techniques. He is an ex-marine and you can see his determination and mind power throughout the movie.

The chief scientist of this experimental trip knows all the in and out of the Na'vis, One of the Pandora community. She has even written a book out of her experience. Na'vis speaks some tribal language and they are real men in blue. 10 feet tall, Flat nose, big eyes and one tail is the entire description of a typical Na'vi. Chief scientist is not actually interested in sending an untrained personnel like Jake to Pandora. With not much choice left she leaves to Pandora. Hope you all might have seen the clip in trailers, where Jake falls in to deep water after being chased by a monstrous animal. This is the actual start of thrilling experience in Pandora.

He is saved from some wolves kinda animals by Neytiri who is accidentally the daughter of the Na'vi Chief. Now Jake learns Na'vi techniques from her. He also learns that his mission to talk and make Na'vi people relocate from the Holy tree to somewhere else could never be completed. The Holy tree has some magnificient Chemical deposits which would sell for $10 million/Kg. Now you know why the arm base camps and all robots, mega sized guns are piled up in Pandora.

Meanwhile Jake and the chief scientist go to Na'vi and get back to base camp via a Matrix kind of technology. If you sleep in Pandora, you can wake up at the lab and vice versa. Finally the selfish army general orders to destroy Pandora. This is where Jake tries to side with Na'vi against human race. When Na'vis comes to know his mission, he becomes a traitor.

The war is on between selfish human race and Nature loving Na'vis. Being a traitor for both human race and Na'vis, What was Jake's next move? Whether he regained Na'vis faith and his love or joined human to the war is the climax.

Lesson to learn:

The movie describes clearly how selfish the human race is. We should learn to love nature on seeing Na'vi people. When heroine kills some animals and saves Jake, we are glad. But she cries that killing those animals was unnecessary. She goes near a wounded animal, says some Na'vi dialgoue which means "Your body will stay with us but your soul will be with lord" and throws her knife into the animal's heart. That was one fabulous scene to feel the pain of Na'vi when they go against nature. There are lot more scenes like this throughout the movie and a big lesson for us to learn.


If you plan to watch this movie in 3D and if 2D movie ticket is comparitively cheaper, better watch it in 2D. 'Coz in some scenes you will be so involved in movie yet those scenes will run fast as if someone is shaking the camera too fast. It is just that all frames are being projected in 3D, you will not able to distinguish that much faster and finally end up in irritation. One good example is the monstrous animal chasing Jake and he falls into Deep waters. This clip was too good in trailer (2D), but it was unclear in 3D. I even got headache while watching half of the movie.

3D review:

With high risk of H1N1, wearing the used glasses which would not cover the sides of the eyes, watching the screen for 2 hours and 41 minutes creates more irritation. Without glasses you would see three images like shadows. But if you haven't watched any 3D movie yet, this will satisfy your desire.

There are few scenes specifically kept for 3D enjoyment. You will enjoy the Pandora beauty of hanging mountains, green forests, different kinds of flora and fauna. This will be more exiciting than in 2D. I bet my money on that.

So depending on the money you decide to spend for the movie, watch in 3D and stay with the dreams of Pandora. Tonight when I close my eyes, I am definitely going to Pandora and meet the Na'vi.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Fix the messed up Windows 7 dual boot

Today I installed Windows Server 2003 just to run some virtualization projects on my laptop. But suddenly I noticed that my laptop doesn't boot the original Windows 7 OS and neither did I get the dual boot option. I faced the same issue 2 days back but was not aware these issues then and had to reinstall the entire OS and lose my data.

But today luckily I managed to surf through various websites in my room mate's laptop and find a simple way to solve this issue.

1. Does you workstation or laptop boots into a recently installed OS (XP or Server 2003) and no dual boot available for Windows 7? If yes, please go ahead. Else quit reading this blog (just kidding...)

2. Login to the new OS (XP or Server 2003), Open command prompt and run the following commands:

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot

Both commands will execute successfully.

3. Now try these commands:

bootrec /rebuildBCD
bootrec /scanos

These commands will complete however it will end up saying Windows Installation: 0

4. So better we push through some other commands:

attrib -h -s -r c:\ntldr
attrib -h -s -r c:\bootmgr
ren c:\ntldr ntldr.old
copy c:\bootmgr ntldr

5. Reboot your workstation or laptop and find the magic.

6. Now you will login to Windows 7, open Computer Management.

7. Find the Disk management, delete the drive and partition used for the new OS. Now better start using it as some other drive in your PC and stay safe.

Don't ever mess up with Windows 7 again. Curse Microsoft and Enjoy your Windows 7.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Rain in Gurgaon

These are the photos taken few weeks back on my way to office in Gurgaon. Oh mate, what a pleasant day it was!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Simple Art 5

What a figure ;)

´´´´´´ ¶¶¶¶¶¶71´´´´´

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Simple Art 4

......... ) ` - . .> ' `( .......
........ / . . . .`\ . . \ ........
........ |. . . . . |. . .| ........
......... \ . . . ./ . ./ .........
........... `=(\ /.=` .........
............. `-;`.-' ............
............... `)| ... , ........
................ || _.-'| ........
............. ,_|| \_,/ ........
....... , ..... \|| .' .............
....... |\ |\ ,. ||/ .............
.... ,..\` | /|.,|Y\, ............
..... '-...'-._..\||/ .............
......... >_.-`Y| ..............
.............. ,_|| ...............
................ \|| ...........
................. || ..........
................. || ...........
................. |/ ...........

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Simple Art 3

Rose for you

.._.;88m a8___,8″”_”8
______”8,am888i”‘___ 3,mm”
______,8″___8″__ 3.m888″
_____,88P”"”"” 3I888888
______88.’_,mm”"____”8I88″m,,mm’” 8
______”8_m”"_________”I8 “”‘

Simple Art 2

Sexy Lady


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

It's time to die - Part III

A small flash back from Part I & II

When I came out of the Ayyappan Temple in Trichy, some gangsta started chasing me. I made every effort I could and escaped from them; got into the Villupuram bus. The gang got lost amongst the busy crowd in the bus stand.

Met my sweety in the bus. Sat next to her and started singing duet with her in dreams. Of course, my mind voice was disturbing me all the way.

Now to Part III begins...
The final leap to Death

"Hey, did you said I was disturbing you..."

"Yes, of course, you were"

"No buddy, you have completely misunderstood and creating a wrong image of me amongst the readers. I admit that I have used foul languages on you on few occasions, but all the way I have been helping you. I said not to turn you face on those gangsta. I gave idea to reach the bus stand very quickly. Most importantly, I gave you the opportunity and enough courage to go and meet the sweety"

"Ok, ok. you are helpful. However you didn't create or give opportunity for me to meet her. It was all fate"

"Oh, really. Tell you what. Inspite of you being so rude at me always, I am still trying to help you. Even now I am working in your favor if could you lower your voice down"


"Don't you feel a soft rose bud on your shoulder... Are you so much concentrated to fight on me or are you that much sleepy?"

Then only I realized it. My sweety, my one and only sweety was sleeping on my shoulders.

"Adan gokka makka, intha kodumaiya kekka yaarumey illaiya...Aiyoo..he is saying her as one and only sweety. I guess this should be his 5th one and only sweety. Last time he was staring at a girl continously for one hour from Arani to Chetpet."

"'t you dare to tell those things"

"I'm definitely going to tell to them. This will be my last chance I can speak to them (May be in next story my character will not be there. Oh god! Enna kodumai sir ithu...Inner voice'key inner voice ah)..hmm..back to story...She got into bus at Arani along with three or four friends. She was standing 7 seats before and this guy didn't even care to chat with his friend Suren but kept on looking her."

"That's fine for the story, I guess. Let me enjoy my moments with sweety here and don't forget to tell them that the girl looked at me at Gingee bus stand. She showed me to her friends happily that I was the guy who was disturbing her mind for that one hour. In fact, I should have dared and spoke to her that day"

By this time bus has crossed Janagipuram Railway gate. The road was not properly laid there. As the bus travelled through the soon-to-be extended four lane road, sweety woke up. She blushed to see sleeping on my shoulders and immediately sat straight in silence.

"oh, Holy god. her one blush could sweep me to heaven"

Bus had reached the Villiupuram bus stand. But it went directly to the Chennai bus departure place. I couldn't get down at the bus stand entrance as I was too tired. I could feel the pain in my legs for sitting so long as if I am a 60 year old person. Must have been because I am so tall to sit in this seat and had to insert my legs underneath the front seat to have a more leg space, I thought.

"Yeah man, you have lot of thinking going on. May be you are right, that's why the lady felt so comfortable to sleep on your shoulders"

This time It was me who blushed and I couldn't control it.

"Ok buddy, it's enough. It looks ugly when you blush. You are a romantic person but never had a romantic look..."

" the can you I not....wait..where are you going. I am not finished with you"

"Sorry buddy, time's up. Thanks for the company. Good bye"

I had promised for a surprise shock in It's time to die - Part II (The Road to Romance). So far you would have seen movie with two different climax. One with an happy ending and another with a sad ending. But never you would've read a story with two different routes to a climax. The climax will be same but the journeys are different here. Let's begin...

Journey 1

I was so confused."why would he tell like that. My inner voice cannot say good bye to me". But I kept my thoughts aside and got down from the bus. I could see my sweety getting down from the bus with her dad. Again small butterflies started flying in my stomach.

With a gentle breeze in the night, I started walking towards the Bus stand Police station. My dad used to park his bike in front of the station and wait for me. He would eagerly wait for every bus entering in the bus stand and check if I am getting down from any of them. Today it would have been really tiresome for him. Most of the Chennai buses were coming inside instead of stopping at the entrance to drop down the passengers. I could see the passengers eagerly waiting to land on their home town land inside the bus. Some were eagerly watching out for their relatives through the windows.

The pathway was real dark and few people were sleeping on the floor. I had walk carefully not to disturb them. Even the public display TV's hanging from the wall have gone silent. There were no more "Kanniga Parameswari" or "Mahalakshmi Silks" Advertisement repeated for 140th time. I could see my dad standing near that police station. He was standing under the street light making him clearly visible just in case If I am seeing him from the bus. He was also eagerly watching all the buses coming inside the bus stand to get a glimpse of me through the windows.

I walked so fast towards him with heart full of joy. I was few feet away to reach him. Suddenly I heard a lot of foot steps behind like some people running towards me. I saw the most scariest look on my dad's face. His face had gone white as if he had seen a ghost. I was sure that something was happening behind and turned back to have a look.

"No don't look back, just get the hell out of here" - it sounded as if it was my mind voice was repeating the same words as in Trichy. I had ignored once and encountered a life threat. I didn't want that to happen again. But it was too late when I had reached that decision. I had already turned and could see five people chasing a big fat guy. Some weapons were glittering shiny in the small amount of light in that dark night.

It all happened in a fraction of a second. That big fat guy almost fell on me. He had managed to get up somehow but the lengthy sharp daggers came down on me. The next second I could see that fat guy running for his life. The Penta (?!?) even more shocked than me stood there with their daggers which had great satisfaction of tasting the blood after two days. I could hardly shout and tried to turn around and walk towards my dad. He was calling out loud "Magane" and running towards me.

There were lot of thoughts and confusion going on in my mind by then. When I took the next step, the whole world was slipping under my feet. I fell at his feet with my whole body falling on the dust with a big 'bang'.

Journey 2

I was so confused."Why would he tell like that. My inner voice cannot say good bye to me". But I kept my mind aside and got down from the bus. I could see my sweety getting down from the bus with her dad. Again small butterflies started flying in my stomach.

But this time it was defintely not because of romance. The dad, actually a guy who standing next to her seemed more young now and couldn't believe that my sweety is now wearing a saree and also a mangal sutra in her neck. But I remember seeing her as a young girl in churidhar inside the bus. How come she became 10 years more aged and the dad 10 years younger.

They walked past me and stopped for a tea in a shop next to the police station. I saw someone standing there waiting for me with his bike. Somewhere in the basic block of memory, I remembered a young lad who used to wait for me there . But couldn't remember clearly or I was not able to see his face clearly from that distance. The sweet lady and the guy were enquiring something showing hands towards me. They spoke a bit louder, but I could hear it very low even in that clear noiseless night.

I was more confused. "Are they a married couple? Let me turn and check it..."

"No don't look back, just get the hell out of here" - it sounded as if it was my mind voice was repeating the same words as in Trichy. I had ignored once and encountered a life threat. I didn't want that to happen again. But it was too late when I had reached that decision. I had already turned and could see five guys standing in the tea shop along with them. One told them, "Sir don't mistake him. He has a typical mental disorder who imagines the things that have never happened. He is my friend's dad and you can see his son there waiting for him. He is very old to have a good eye sight and hearing sense. You should not be angry and let him go atleast for his age. He is like a father to your wife".

I heard half of the conversation while crossing them. Now I could hear the remaining clearly when I turned towards them. The words came ringing in my mind.

"I am not deaf. Am I?" "Do I have a mental disorder?" "How elderly am I?"

I had answers already. But the irony is, I had framed the questions from the answers only. I was shocked to see the wrinkles on my skin and it clearly showed my age should be around 60 or 70. I could hardly shout and tried to turn around and walk towards the guy waiting for me. He was calling out "Appa" and running towards me.

I had felt an ache already in my left chest when I turned towards the tea shop. It grew and the pain had aggrevated by now. When I took the next step, the whole world was slipping under my feet. I fell at his feet with my whole body falling on the dust with a big 'bang'.

Moral of the story

Everyone has their own time to die. If it's not time yet, you will survive even you fall right into a shark's mouth.

Author's note

Thanks for all my friends for having reading this story very patiently. And No...Don't guess..I never got any idea/ inspiration from any movie.

I wrote this story three years ago during my travel from Trichy in Tamil. This story is inter-twined with some of personal experiences like Feeling the spiritual silence after coming out of Trichy Ayyappan temple, Playing in Poombukar beach as a kid, Staring a girl for an hour in the bus ;) , My dad waiting for me eagerly in the bus stand with bike parked near Police station etc., I had also vent the anger on myself with a character called mind voice or inner voice. I never had this character in my original tamil script though. May be that's the reason why the story had become so long enough to be posted as three parts.

Pardon me for using foul language in Part I. It came out in a flow and nothing intentionally written. After my friends' advice I had made a more neat part II and III, I would say. I like to write romantic stories. So I had included some romance in the second part.
Part III climax was different in the orginal script. I made some changes and posted it as journey 2 and a new journey 1 to the climax.
Hope you all enjoyed it. Thanks for the support. I will be back with some short stories and a Police thriller based on Vellore.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

It's time to die - Part II

A small flashback from Part I:

When I came out of the Ayyappan Temple in Trichy, some gangsta started chasing me. I made every effort I can and escaped from them and got into the Villupuram bus. The gang got lost amongst the busy crowd in the bus stand.

Now Part II begins...

The Road to Romance

I managed to get into the bus after 15 minutes hard running. I faced a heavy blow of air that took my breath away for a minute as I struggled to get hold of the footboard. I knew the world was slipping down my feet already. But there is always a last chance for everything and I got hold of that. I stood gasping in the footboard. After all it was the longest run in my life and the fastest speed I can ever run.

"What the hell you think you're doing?", yelled a man in khakki uniform.

The uniform, the leather bag on his left shoulder and few fifty rupees notes in between his fingers in left hand, a small pen on his right side ear clearly told me that he is the conductor.

"Oh wow, that's a good guess"

"Oh shit! not you again"

"Yes, I am here buddy. your inner voice"

"Where the hell have you been when I needed you. The Penta almost caught me in the bus stand. If it wasn't the crowd they would have caught me easily."

Meanwhile conductor who shouted at me (us!?) had his mouth wide open. I wondered why was he so shocked. Then only I realized that I was fully drenched in sweat. This must be the first time I had bathed in sweat.

"How many first time yaar. Come on. This is the first time you were chased by gangsters, first time running very very fast, first ..first and first.."

I didn't mind the voice now. I was looking at my shirt pocket which was fully rose in color. I did remember wearing a white shirt this morning. I inserted my hand into the pocket to find a bus ticket fully soaked in sweat. It must have been the reason for that color. Conductor has left now giving the ticket to me. I didn't know where to keep it. The trousers and even the rupees inside my purse were wet to an extent. I just hold the ticket in my hand. However all I cared now was everyone staring at me. I felt everyone's eye fixed on me and trying to guess what could happened to me from my appearance. It was so embarassing that I had to turn my face down and start listening to my mind voice, at least to avoid other's eye contact.

But how did I got the ticket? Did I gave money to Conductor? I was becoming more and more confused along with the embarassment.

"Don't feel buddy! I have been in most embarassing situation than this. Remember when you fell down trying to run across the sea in Poombukar."

"It's not you only. It was us. The whole Sea blue Safari suit was with salt water and beach sand. My Mom removed the shirt as I felt the salt itching on my back. "

"Good memory you got. That's the incident. The only difference is you were 10 by then. But now you are 25."

"Hey you...", no other words came out. My tongue got rolled back inside and seemed never to come out. My throat felt sore and I was desparately in need of water.

"Cool dude! First you need water before getting your nasty tongue out at me. Go ask that angel for a drink"

I turned my head to see an archangel standing there. Wow! I have never seen such a beautiful face in my life. Her was face was so calm and seemed to glow with a big white chakra behind her head. Suddenly two more hands raised arose with a flower on one hand and a small dumb-bell on the other. Wait..wait...Am I seeing a goddess here!!!

" buddy. I said she is an angel, not the goddess."

When the inner voice interrupted, all the lights and flashes from the environment went back in a jiffy and I can even see an old man standing next to her. Must be her dad...I wish.

She is now not that much bright, but still appeared to be calm beauty trying to penetrate in my heart.

"Aiyyo...Saamy...Thanni...", my inner voice started begging to me.

"Oh, Am I feeling thirsty?"

"yeah rite! there is not even single drop of water or saliva in your mouth. Will you be so kind enough to go ask anyone for water. But don't go near that lady, again you will forget everything in this world. Until today I thought Love is blind, now I understood Love has short term memory loss also"

"oye! chup raho! I will go ask her atleast for sake of you being so kind in talking to me for the first time in this story"

I gathered my little strength and leapt towards that beauty. But I had no enough guts to look up and ask her for water.

"Why do you need guts yaar. Just ask na..."

But I hesitated and when I was about return, I heard a nightingale singing behind. "You can have this." I bet she was not holding that water bottle when I saw her. She should have fetched it from her bag for me. I could see her dad placing the bag back in its place.

Oh man, what a voice! so sweet as honey. When I was thinking like this, water was slowly flowing through my Esophagus to the stomach.

"Can I have some for me too..." The sweety again...

I realized that almost 3/4th of the bottle is now empty. I thanked her and gave the bottle back to her. She got the bottle as if tearing it away with my skin and put it in her bag. That was enough for me to know that she is angry now.

Hmmm...She looks beautiful even when she is angry.

"What have you done dude! it was me who was very thirsty. It is very rare you get a chance to see a good looking girl. It is not so important to give her a nick name but not make her angry. It is better you should have died by the gangsta itself"

"Oye mada munda. You are 100% right yaar! I should have died there. She is killing with her beautiful eyes yaar!"

Bus stopped at Samayapuram and two or three people got down from the bus. Her dad had already went and sat in a seat nearby. Other seats were also taken immediately and so the beauty has to stand again.

"What a kind of man he is. Daughter is standing here and he has gone for the seat and started sleeping now..."

"Don't ever talk about him like that. It is because of him that I can still stand near this beauty and see her so closely."

I have already reached a foreign location without any passport or visa and started singing a romantic song with her.

"Minsaram en meethu paiginrathey, ul nenjil minnal poo pookiranthey...."

"Kaathal theeye.."my inner voice shouted.

"Oh god, I can perform my own duet. Could please get lost somewhere else..."

breeeeeee....followed by a krrrrchhhhhh brought me into a real world....The conductor has blown the whistle so loud near me which brought me back and the driver has stopped the bus suddenly. It didn't took me long to understand this. The conductor was shouting at two ladies.

"Hey, I told you na, next stop is Ulunderpet only. The bus will not stop in between. Why the hell are you people boarding in and giving me headache, chalo get down, get down", he grunted.

Those two old woman swore at him and got down from the bus. They started walking towards the Samayapuram bus stop. It was only few feet away.

"Oh! I had almost completed one full song in 30 feet distance. Guess this should be very less time than in Kakkha Kakkha movie"

Feeling angry at the conductor, I turned to my left. The beauty, my darling sweety was not there.

"bhai! aap baahut lucky ho yaar!. Thank the conductor and go sit in the next seat. See our sweety is also sitting there"

"What a great opportunity!" I wondered.

"But why didn't she call her dad instead of allowing the seat to be vacant."

"You got lucky again! Her dad must be son of Kumbakarna or something. See how he is sleeping in the bus. Snoring and sleeping on next passenger shoulder. That guy is again leaning against the window and sleeping like hell"

"Inner voice ji! Actually I don't understand this! I have been chased and running like hell. I am so tired that I can sleep continuosly for 3 days. but see these guys, they are sleeping as if like they have been working hard in some office like WIPRO or TCS."

"Ok, ok don't make remember those days and don't try to sleep. Just go and sit next to her. Don't miss the opportunity! May be you can try for 10 more songs until you reach Villupuram.

Inner voice became the DJ for me and all romantic songs came in remix to me.

I started dancing with her for 'Love mera hit hit soniye...'

All the time I was not aware that it was time to die and one more big life threat was waiting for me in Villupuram.

Monday, 10 August 2009

It's time to Die - Part I

The Deer Chase

It was a less ferocious April evening under the hot scorching sun. I was returning from that calm and very peaceful place in the whole Tamil Nadu - The Ayyappan Temple in Tiruchirappalli. I was still in the meditation mood. The peaceful and clean place in that temple seems to have got deeper inside me creating a big impact. I was feeling a force of North Pole of a Magnet being moved away from a South Pole of other magnet. Even the nature had understood it seems. The hot Sun was slowly making its way down to other end of the Earth.

I could hear the birds singing on the trees planted on the sideways of the road I was walking by. It seemed as if the world fell so silent and all the traffic of that thick populated city were moving like a dew on a icefloor. I was deaf to man made things and could contact the nature's purity. I could hear Ilaiyaraja's best of the best songs ringing in my ears. I bet they were the nature's own voice coming through his music. It added fuel to my devotional fire. I realized my LG Cookie would play Raja's instrumentals more better than I could imagine. As I reached my trousers to search for it, I was crossing a tea shop on the pedestrian path. I could hardly see four rough and tough guys standing there and waiting for someone else in my eye's out of focus areas.

I shook my head if what I heard was true. One of the Gangsta asked the lean guy among them, "Hey, is he the man in that photo?" "Blaaaaanggggg", Suddenly I could hear the big blow of horn on my back. Thinking of those guys, I had literally moved down the pathway to the middle of the road. All the traffic and the worldly things came like a huge wave on me. I ran to the side of the road and reached the pedestrian path. The man in that Maruti Swift drove away after barking few words on me and my family. But I never really cared what he said by then. I was standing there gasping of what had happened. All I could concentrate now is why are the guys looking for
me. My mind was asking me a different question. "Are you sure? Are they really looking for you?"

"That seems to be a tricky question though. Let me check"

"No don't look back, just get the hell out of here"

Me and my mind were in war of words and I had finally decided to turn and see who they really look for. As I turned back, I could see them more clearly now. They were actually five men and two lean guys were among them. One must have gone somewhere when I was crossing them. I could also see a small picture in the second lean guys right hand. When they had managed to get the guy and check the photo, I had moved with my confused mind to the middle of the road and came back. It was so clear for me now that they are really after me. I could see their vengeance in a micro second contact with in their eyes. It was the best time for me to start run.

But still there was a little hesitation in my mind. I started walking across the signal to reach the TNSTC Bus depot. I turned to give another look at those guys.

There was sharp glittering piece of weapon in that second lean guy's hand. It is a knife which seemed to have grown in his hand all of a sudden and glowing in the mild evening sun. There was huge rush of Adrenaline in my body after seeing that weapon followed by other four men reaching their back. I could guess they had more deadly weapons and that was the reason my body was flushed with sweat whilst the evening breeze had started. My Sonata ticked 5:00PM when I crossed the Bus depot and reached next stop where the road went bend slightly. My mind had already made me up to run for life.

As soon as I crossed the bend, I started walking bit faster. I was almost running to say perfect. It took all my heart's stamina to turn back and see them. They were real close and now everyone had their own weapons. Three had big sticks and one with big sickle and one with a sharp knife.

"Damn man, you should have never looked back. All they needed is a confirmation and now you showed your beautiful shit face to these guys with a big f***ing smile on it. You better run for your life"

"What the hell you think I am doing?"

Conversion of speed walking to running had started in the conversational time. I crossed the Government Physiotherapy College.

"Hey, I have come here previously. But I don't remember when. Do you know that?"

"You idiot! This is not your time for green memories. Are you out of your mind. You are being chased by the Penta"

"I have two corrections of your statement. First, It's not 'me'. It is 'we' who are being chased by the gang. And secondly what the hell is 'the Penta'?"

"Penta stands for five dude, have you forgot Physics"

"Thanks a lot for your clarification. But this aint time for my X class. So better keep your nasty mouth shut"

"Can I say one more thing"


"But it is urgent"


"The Penta is gaining distance"

"F*** you! and this shitty conversation. You always get me in trouble". I started running more faster now.

BPT college, Ondi Karuppanna samy Temple and KEP Medical college were far behind me.

"Go left. You can reach the bus stand very soon"

"No way. I have to cross the cycle stand, go to the Sangeetha hotel corner and get inside the bus stand. What if the guys jump over fence and catch me. I can in no way jump it"

"You think I can jump the fence. If you can't even I can't. Hey after all I'm your inner voice"

"Yeah I still remember that. But you're supposed to give me good thoughts and not some bullshit ideas."

"Sirji..Boliye, Udhar Fence kahan hein?"


"It means, where is the fence there?"

"I know Hindi to that extent. But what do you mean where is the fence. It is there na, on the wall"

"Ohhhhhhh man" Now I realised that the entry route for bus stand was changed from Sangeetha Hotel corner to the TB Hospital side.

"Sorry yaar, My mind sucks at times"

"Oh is it, I thought you were always like this"

"Hey you..."

"But don't you worry. Your body is not the same way as your mind is"

I was startled to see that I am now running in the street which ran left to Medical College.

"Feels Good".

"This is actually the road to TuberClosis treatment hospital in Trichy and it is the oldest in town"

"Oh, come on. I am not here for your history lesson. You make drive me running and mind restless. Let me run to bus stand now"

"But I can give you few suggestions"

"Kya suggestions?"

"Koi nahi"

"Hey bolo sweet shit mind"

"That's the way you treat me. Now run to bus stand and if you can remember it good, all the buses move fastly this month. It is the season time and the buses don't

have to wait much time to load all the tickets. So better hurry up to the exit. Get into one good bus to Chennai as soon as possible"

"But I need to go to Villupuram"

"You fool. All buses going to Chennai from Trichy goes via Villupuram only. I am ashamed to be your inner voice. Does your brain ever work?"

"Gotcha. I think we already gained few metres in this left cut. The guys can't really keep up to my pace. But one thing, better mind your language buddy"

"It's not like that dude. I can speak whatever I wish. Not even your readers can close my ditchy mouth. Now to the point, The deer that is chased runs faster than a hungry lion. So have it in my mind my dear Deer. Run"

"Run, Run, Run"

I have reached the Chathiram bus stand by now and everyone in the bus were shouting at me "Run"
I shook my head and heard them.

"Chennai RUN poravanga RUN ellam RUN seekiram RUN erunga"

"Thratchai RUN 13 roova RUN"

"Arumaiyana RUN watch RUN sir, 30 roova RUN sir"

Is it a remixed Tata Indicom AD. I stopped for a second. Shook my head once more and wiped of face with my shirt. I could feel the heat of that tar road gaining into my feet.

"Why am I bare footed..."



I asked in 3 different languages but no reply from my inner voice. The silence of my voice was killing me. But I remember the plan still. It was not a master plan though. I had a glance at my back. The Penta people were struggling thorugh the cycles and bikes in their way.

"Why the hell the bikes and cycles are pulled out in the street"

No answer again. I can check for the answers later. I quickly ran to the exit of the bus stand. There was a huge crowd and I had to literally hit everyone of them to get to the other end. But that was one good chance for me to loose these guys on my back. There was a bus leaving to Chennai. I never can catch it. It was at the exit point of the bus stand and I still had to swim in the 50 metres of crowd to reach there. I tried very hard like the last minute runner up trying his hard to get first in Olypics running race. I first thought the bus left the stand and moved fast. But as I reached the exit, I can still see the bus moving slowly over the speedbreaker.

The Penta had already gained speed and I could see a knife flying through air and fell with a cling sound behind me. It should have missed the aim and hit somewhere else.

I gained more strength and with one last chance left for life I ran to the bus and caught hold of the last window. But I was still running along with the bus. It was literally dragging me to its speed. For a moment I thought, I would let it go off my hands. There was a flash of my life at that point of time. I realized there were more good things for me in life still to do and I can never be dead by some gangsters. With one last breath held up high in my lungs, I took my feet off the ground. With one feet, I managed to place in the footboard and one still flew in air. I felt a blow of air on my whole body. If I had left my hands go off, I would have landed on the Penta by then. They were so close to me but never near the bus. I remembered the words by some unknown, "The deer being chased runs faster than a hungry lion, because it runs for its life".

Sunday, 9 August 2009

My picture of the month

Agra was my last week trip around Delhi. Of course, The Taj Mahal was the main part of my dream trip. I was there by 2:30PM with my friends. So obviously, I had no reason to feel romantic there by then :)

Friday, 31 July 2009

கவிதை கூலம் 7

பெண்ணே உன்னால்...

கிறுக்கல்கள் கூட கவிதையாகிறது
உன்னால் இயற்றப்பட்டதினால்...
களிமண் கூட கவிதையாகிறது
உன்னால் படைக்கப்பட்டதினால்...
இப்பொழுது புரிகின்றது,
இந்தக் கவிஞனும் பித்தனானது...
உன்னால் வஞ்சிக்கப்பட்டதினால் தானோ?!?!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Lost in Translation - Poem 6

I love to...
I'd love to be the rain,
If I am the rain drops falling on your lips...
I'd love to be the air,
If I am the breeze on your hip...
I'd love to be a poem,
If it is about your beauty...
I'd love to be the LOVE,
If I am the lover filling your heart...

Note: This poem is translation of my tamil poem no:6 in this blog. I am not so good in English, but I have written it on request of my friends who cannot read Tamil poems. I will try to continue this for other poems as well :)

கவிதை கூலம் 6

என் ஆசைகளின் நேரம்

மழையாய் இருக்க ஆசை தான்,
உன் இதழ் மேல் விழும்
மழை துளிகளாய்...
காற்றாக இருக்க ஆசை தான்,
உன் இடை கொஞ்சும்
இனிய தென்றலாய்...
கவிதையாக இருக்க ஆசை தான்,
உன் எழில் பற்றி இயற்றப்பட்ட
கவித் துளிகளாய்...
காதலாக இருக்க ஆசை தான்,
உன் உள்ளமெல்லாம் நிரம்பி வழியும்
உயிர்க் காதலனாய்...

Thursday, 16 July 2009

My picture of this month

This picture was taken in the Garden near to Scottish Monument. Murali Kartik was passing by taking pictures of the beautiful scenaries. Me and My friend Gurpreet met him and had a few words. He was playing for MiddleSex County team by then. You can see his name in the players list here:

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Revisiting the history - A Trip to Taragarh Fort

Beginning the Trip
Me and my friends started for the trip from Ajmer after our lunch. Having known a little about the place, we were expecting to see a beautiful fort, some wonderful architecture of Mughal empire. We travelled in a Jeep to reach the hill top. On the way to top, we could see the watch towers on fort and how steep the hill was from the walls.

I imagined that any king would have to come through this road only to conquer the fort. There would be no other way. Leading the battalion even in a moonless night to climb the hill secretly and conquer the fort would be a mass suicide. Soldiers at watch towers would be able to notice the hill until the ground. Countless number of rocks rolled down by them would smash the enemies to dust. No other weapons will be needed. What a strong fort it should have been? It amazed me a lot as we travelled higher and higher in the hill. But there was a big shock waiting for all of us there.

A Visit place or a We-Shit place
Once we reached the top, immediately we started exploring the fort and other areas around it. It didn't look like Rajasthan at all to me. All I imagined of Rajasthan was a hot desert. But against my imagination, this place was surrounded by Green mountains.

Enjoying the nature around we reached a Darga. Since we had already visited a big famous Darga in Ajmer, we decided to skip this one and moved the other way ?!?!? To be frank, there was no other way. The opposite street ended abruptly and we had walk through some shitty places to reach the end of fort.

When we reached there all we could see was the entire place being fucked by illegal encroachments and residents throwing waste all over the place. Thank god, we didn't see any foreigners there who could have taken pictures for portraying poor India in their picasa or Flickr albums. The entire place was so disgusting to see that led me this thought. Akbar used this place as a fort or a shitting place? It was that moment I decided to write all these details in my blog and vent my anger so that atleast other guys reading this blog might remove this fort from their trip and be relieved from disappointment.

I don't know what the Archeaology Survey of India is doing there. It was written "Protected Monument" on a board which was not even maintained in a good condition. The signs of protection to the monument were nowhere to be seen in our eye sight.

A small (accidental) relief
The Fort wall was spreading all across the nearby mountains. It was such a massive structure and my anger grew more and more when I thought how the people have messed it up now. We walked along the damaged fort wall to stop at some good view points and take photographs for our Orkut and facebook profiles.

At the end of fort wall, few of us started climbing up a watch tower. There was a good real good view of Ajmer and mountains around waiting for us. 3 of us succeeded, 2 didn't try and 1 tried unsuccessfully. That was the only relief by then. Anubhav was the one failed to conquer the watch tower ;) He was so fat to climb up the tower. Listening to Nitin's idea, he tried on a different side to reach the top. It was a real rugged surface and any man with a slightest common sense of Physics would have avoided it. But Our dear gay (meaning=happy) friend with all the enthusiasm in his whole fat body, started climbing. One of the rock slipped and he went down against the rocky wall marking the remembrance of the trip all over his body. There were bloody scratches on his belly, shoulders and arms. Don't know if he was hurt somewhere else also. May be Monal could explain us the details. This is what we all saw when he removed his Rajasthan Royals T-Shirt.

We all laughed at the fine moment forgetting the fucked monument and nasty, ditchy place around. Anand applied an after shave on Anubhav's wound to avoid any septic . You should have heard his scream by then. He didn't scream to hell though. But it was like a cry of a horse in pain. That was so horny too. All I could tell others at that time was that he sounded like "horny horse". We all finally had a bursting laughter of ten minutes there which was an accidental relief to our tiresome trip by then.

End of the day's trip
After this horny incident everyone were tired and decided to get move towards Pushkar. Our next plan was a night stay in Pushkar Peacock resort and to explore the holy place the next day. What we didn't expect was that a new danger was waiting for us early in the next day morning. I will tell you that fucking story in the next blog.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

கவிதை கூலம் 5

செல்லமடி நீ எனக்கு

பார்த்துப் பழகின கண்கள் தான்
பேசிப் பழகின இதழ்கள் தான்
தொட்டு அணைத்த உடல் தான்
கூடிச் சிரித்த அதே சிரிப்புத் தான்...
என்றும் சலிக்காத
செல்லமடி நீ எனக்கு...

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

கவிதை கூலம் 4

என் காதல்

காத்திருந்த காலங்கள்
கடந்து விட்டதடி
சேர்த்து வைத்திருந்த நினைவுகள்
சிதைந்து விட்டதடி
எழுதி வைத்த காதல் வரிகள்
மறந்து விட்டதடி
தொலைத்த என் இதயம் கூட
கந்தலாய் கிடைத்து விட்டதடி
பூத்த அந்த காதல் மட்டும்
முள்ளாய் உருத்துதடி
என் இதயத்தில் இன்னமும்...

கவிதை கூலம் 3

அழகே என்னை கொல்லடி...

துடித்துக் கொண்டிருக்கும் போதே
பறித்து விட்டாய்
என் இதயத்தை...
பார்த்துக் கொண்டிருக்கும் போதே
பறித்து விட்டாய்
என் விழிகளை...
நினைத்துக் கொண்டிருக்கும் போதே
பறித்து விட்டாய்
என் எண்ணங்களை...
மீதம் இருப்பது என் உயிர்தானடி
அதையும் பறித்துக் கொள்!
சிரித்தபடி போய்
கோள் சொல்கிறேன் கடவுளிடம்,
அவன் அழகிய படைப்பின் விளைவுகள் பற்றி...

Sunday, 5 July 2009

கவிதை கூலம் 2

காலம் கடந்து செல்வோம்...

கரம் பிடித்து அழைத்து செல்ல நானிருக்கிறேன்,
காலம் கடந்து செல்வோம் வா...
ஷாஜகான் கட்டுவதாய் இருந்த
இரண்டாம் காதல் சின்னமாம்
கருப்பு தாஜ்மகாலை கட்டிட
உதவி செய்திடுவோம்...
அம்பிகாபதியும் அமராவதியும்
அமைதியாய் வாழ
வழி புனைவோம்...
லைலாவும் மஜ்னுவும்
அன்புடன் இல்லறம் ஏற
வகை செய்வோம்...
அப்படியேனும் இக்காலத்தில்
தோல்வி நிலைகள் கடந்து
மதம், பொருளாதார வேறுபாடுகள் மறைந்து
வெற்றி வகை சூடட்டும்,
வேற்றுமைகள் மறையட்டும்,
புதிய அன்பு உலகம் மலரட்டும்...
வா அன்பே, காலம் கடந்து செல்வோம்
புதிய காதல் சரித்திரம் படைப்போம்...

கிறுக்கல்கள் காலம் இனி...

நான் கவிதை என்னும் பெயரில் கிறுக்கி பல மாதங்கள் ஆகிவிட்டன...இப்பொழுது மீண்டும் கவிதை வெள்ளத்தில் குதிக்கும் நேரம் வந்தாச்சு...

என்னடா blog எழுதற..ஒரே மொக்கையா இருக்கு என என் நண்பன் Ajith கடிந்து கொண்டதின் பெயரில் புதிதாய் சில சிந்தனை சிதறல்கள் விடலாமென எத்தனிக்கிறேன்...

விரைவில் என் கிறுக்கல்கள் பல இந்த Blog'இல் இடம் பெரும்

எனக்கு பிடித்த வசனம்

இரணகளமான, இரத்த வெள்ளம் நிறைந்த படங்களை இயக்கிய சிறந்த Director'ஆன Quentin Tarantino அவர்களின் மிக சிறந்த படைப்பு Pulp Fiction.
அந்த திரைப்படத்தில் வரும் ஒரு கதாபாத்திரம் படம் முழுவதும் இந்த வசனத்தை பலவிதமான தருணங்களில் பலவிதமான முக பாவனைகளுடன் கூறுவார். அந்த கதாபத்திரத்தில் நடித்தவர் பெயர் Samuel.L.Jackson.

அந்த வசனம், என்னை மிகவும் கவர்ந்த வசனம்...

"The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you."

குறிப்பு: இந்த வசனமானது பைபிளில் வரக்கூடிய வசனம், Ezekiel 25:17

Sunday, 28 June 2009

My picture of this month

This is the best casual pose, I ever did. Venue - Near National Museum, Edinburgh, Scotland.

"The Hangover" - Movie review

Hmmm...How to start with?

Do you like suspense movies? The movie which unveils the plots at the end, making us remember all the things happened until that point.

Do you like hilarious movies? Not the tickling kinda movies; but the one which will make you throw yourself out of your chair out of laugh and feel your stomach aching out of laughter....

Then you definitely need to watch the movies. But please do watch in Theatres. It is as good as spending the whole day with your best friend after many years and filling your heart with joy. Do you think only LOVE makes butterfly effect in stomach? You will definitely change your opinion on seeing this movie.

For guys who don't understand much of the dialogues in the English (Language) movies like me, this is a good one to watch. You will understand all the dialogues and laugh like hell. Just concentrate better than watching any other American movies.

This is one true hilarious English (British) movie.

Ok. Enough is enough. Let me explain the story line.

The story starts like this: One fine day, there was fine lady....Na..Na..Na..I'm not going to tell the story. I said, I'm gonna tell the storyline and not the entire story. So guys the real start is here:

As you can guess from the name, this movie is all about hangover on a Bachelor Party night. A "Soon-to-be" Bridegroom throws a Bachelor party to three of his friends, one being his future brother-in-law who is supposed to be a kind of retarded gay. One guy is a dentist who lies to his wife about his whereabouts and joins the Wolf Pack; that's how The RetG (Retarded Gay) calls the gang. I don't know what the job of the other guy was. Who cares?

The movie starts with a lady trying to reach the gang over the phone and finally gets one. She asks him something and he replies "We f***ed". Nice dialogue to begin a comedy movie with. The lady who called is the bride and the guy on the phone is our who-cares guy. The movie goes to flashback as how the guys assembled together and started their trip to "Las Vegas". Oooooooohhhhh...What a city man!!!! I wish never to go that city. I'm afraid; I’d lose all my money over there.

So....back to the storyline again. The RetG gets everyone of them a drink on the roof of the Caesar Hotel. RetG proposes toast for THE WOLFPACK. The time passes and flashes out to open on next day. You see the entire room being f***ed around. It is a real hell a lot of mess and you see everyone sleeping at strange positions and places inside that Villa. RetG wakes up for a pee. He goes to bathroom just to see there is someone already in there watching him.

Who was he??? What happened the previous night, what are the consequences, how they end up in funny situations, how they unveil the mystery is the rest of this hilarious-suspense movie. You also get to watch Mike Tyson on Guest appearance in as a is-it-he introduction. Also a Chinese funny guy to add more flavor to the fun.

Note: Don't forget to notice that when Wolf Pack reaches the roof of the hotel, one guy places a stone to stop the door from closing automatically. Once it gets closed automatically, you can't open it without a key from outside or by someone from inside.

Moral of the Story: Never ever get too much drunked at any party. If you wish to get drunk, atleast have a guy who is in control along with you in case. He may be needed to carry you to home in case you passed out.

Lesson learnt: Windows in Las Vegas hotels are locked. (You will understand once watching the climax of the movie)

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Rishikesh Trip - an Awesome experience

This is one trip I will never forgot in my lifetime. My friend Anubhav told me that after completing the rafting, you will feel that you've acheived something in your life. It was true and I felt after the first rapid.

The terms "rapid" is used in Rafting. It is the place where the water flows from a higher level to a lower level. It seems like an easy taskk but you scream to hell and feel the death right before your eyes. Once you cross the rapid, you will desparately start waiting for another one.

We did all sort of tricks. Upside down of the raft, 90 degree shift, crossing Type 4 rapids, crossing rapid by hanging outside the raft and not by rowing...

The unfortunate thing is all our cameras were placed in dry bag of other raft and we couldn't take photo of ours during rafting. All we could do is to wait for the other raft to come, get our cameras and take photos where we took rest.

All my Rishikesh trip photos are uploaded in Picasa and can be viewed here

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Good Quote 6

Me and the Tsunami

Prelude: This is a short story I wrote for "Telling tall tales" competition in TCS Delhi. The rule was that it should be an exaggerated, funny, partly real experience kind of story. And I wrote this story in just 25 minutes and sent for competition just one minute before the entry was closed. The beauty is that I was in a Tele-conference call while writing the story ;)

Story starts here...

It was fine July evening. I was riding in my bike along the Old Mahabalipuram Road in Chennai. My ears were filled with AR.Rehman's music flowing through the Philips headphone. The Motorokr E8 was serving its purpose by providing a good music at the best quality.

Suddenly the clouds were turning dark and it seemed to rain. I had no idea to return to my home and neither my friend at pillion. When we entered the East Coast Road beach, it started drizzle. We bought ice creams and started walking towards the Bay of Bengal. The ice cream was so cold that we spoke gibberish for atleast half an hour. It took 30 minutes to taste the salt water of the sea.

While we were swimming in the sea, the rain began dorpping heavily. It almost flooded the area. We couldn't see the difference between the sea and the coast. Sea had salt water and in Coast it was rain water. It seemed we were trapped in an island surrounded by water. But we were playing not realising this danger around us.

We were trying to play volley ball in water. But mostly it was football when we were lofted away to the coast. We swam in the sea and came back again. Most of the time the ball was above our heads as the waves carried them very high. when we threw the ball it came to us with force defeating the Newton's law. The waves started coming higher and higher that we could see the big fishes and turtles besides our legs.

When I tried to hit the ball once, it almost bit my leg. then only I realized that it was a Crab and not the football. I had hit its claws or whatsoever so hard that my blood came out oozing very fast. In next five minutes, I was about to lose my consciousness. I tried to swim to the coast along but never could reach it. I tried to search where my bike was parked but it was silently floating few kilometres inside the sea. I was shocked and started realizing the situation.

I shouted at my friend "Tsunami". He could barely hear me as very strong wind started blowing then. I could see smalls birds falling in the sea as if they were shot dead. They were unable to fly against the wind and fell down tired. My adrenaline rush increased more and I was able to hear my heart pounding clearly. Suddenly my friend disappeared into the sea and never came out. I was so terrified and my face was turning blue. I was not sure if it was because of the crab bite (?!).

The Ice cream vendor was swimming near to me and his vehicle has already joined the parking area with my bike in the sea. Of course, the parking fees is free in the sea. Nearly after 10 minutes of hard swimming I could see a bit of land and step my foot on it. It was a the roof top of the nearby ECR farm house. I had envied it for a long time. Right now that house was under my feet. What a twist of fate.

The cars, Buses in ECR and started moving to the parking area. I tried to swim through them and reach my room. By the time, I reached my apartment top and landed there the rain had stopped and flood had drained much of its contents including uses, Cars, Bulldozers into the sea. That was the first time I saw all vehicles parked in an order yet still floating. Oh! this might be the Nature's Order and the so called Power of Nature.

Suddenly Sun came out of the clouds no where and spread its full rays. I could feel the heat on my eyelids inspite of closing it. I let my hands be the umbrella to my eyes and opened it a bit. It was a bright Sunday morning and my friend sleeping nearby whispered few words in my ears, "Hey Buddy, wake up! We have to go to ECR beach this evening".

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Good Quotes 1

Simple Art 1



Monday, 11 May 2009


A young man went to his father one day to tell him that he wanted to get married. His father was happy for him. He asked his son who the girl was, and he told him that it was Samantha a girl from the neighborhood. With a sad face the old man said to his son, ''I'm sorry to say this son but I have to. The girl you want to marry is your sister, but please don't tell your mother.''

The young man again brought 3 more names to his father but ended up frustrated cause the response was still the same. So he decides to go to his mother. ''Mom I want to get married but all the girls that I love, dad said they are my sisters and I mustn't tell you.''

His mother smiled and said to him, ''Don't worry my son, you can marry any of those girls. You're not his son."

How to Embed a MP3 file in your blog

  • Copy paste the below mentioned code in your new post.

  • Replace the [Mp3 file address] with the mp3 file from your website.
  • If you don’t have a website to host file, Login to with your gmail account.
  • Create a website in your name, Create a new page, Select template as “File Cabinet”.
  • Upload the mp3 file in this page; Use the file link in your blog instead of [Mp3 file address].

Friday, 8 May 2009

SIGNS - The short Film

One fine day, I read Nila Raseegan's blog after a long time. He had posted a review about a short film "Signs". I watched the film immediately after reading the review. It is too good to watch.

I will not say the story. Watch the movie, feel the music. You will realise why I say so!

From words of Nila Raseegan:

"மூன்று மணிநேரம் ஓடக்கூடிய திரைப்படங்கள் தருகின்ற அனுபவத்தைவிட மிகச்சிறந்த அனுபவங்களை/உணர்வுகளை மூன்று நிமிட குறும்படங்கள் தந்துவிடும்.குறும்படங்களில் மிக முக்கிய அம்சமாக திகழ்வது இசை(சில படங்கள் விதிவிலக்கு)சொல்லாத சொல்லையும் உணர்த்திவிடும் இசை.காற்றில் சலசலக்கும் தென்னங்கீற்று மாதிரி."

If you still wanna read the story in Tamil, check here...

You can view the Clip in Youtube here:

Ayan Ringtone

Here is the song...

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Picture of the Month_May 2009

Tirupati Balaji temple. I took the snap with my 6600. See how the temple glows in night.

Tata Indicom sucks

I have a Tata Indicom post paid connection. The network is real bad. Even if you have full network you can not hear what the person at the other end speaks to you. You keep on saying "Hello Hello".

To add fuel to my fire, there were advertisements on TV for their network coverage during this IPL season 2.

F*** the person who proposed this advertisement. They say "No network problem, No Hello hello".

This one liner is direct contrary to the coverage I get. To say in short "Tata Indicom sucks" and my best service provider vote goes to Airtel. After all these network problems, I still have the connection only for the free STD package.

You will surely laugh at the package name - "Honest 450"...It should be "Fraud 420".LOL

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Bruce Lee Fight

The Deadly weapon

This is one of the deadliest weapon since Bruce Lee re-introduced it in movies. You can see that this small video is a good example.

Monday, 27 April 2009

When Chennai Super Kings Lost

Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Dare Devils on 24/04/2009
It was a real sensational match in IPL season 2 history. Delhi had scored 189 for 20 overs. It was not supposed to be an easy target for Chennai.

When Chennai managed to score 106 in 10 Overs with loss of 2 wickets, everyone in TamilNadu would have shouted aloud that Chennai will won just like me.

But unlike others it is difficult for me to watch the match here in Delhi. With supporters for Delhi all around you can't celebrate all the fours and sixes of Chennai. And when everyone prays for a wicket or run out around you, it makes you really so tense.

In fact, I started watching the match after 15 overs confirming that Chennai is going to win. Until then I was referring the scores in cricinfo. But when Chennai started losing more wickets, my hands were almost shivering. I was hiding it from being seen by Delhi supporters.

The last 2 run out and 2 catches were blunders. It could have been avoided. Freddie didn't even felt that he got out and his team is on losing side now. The match end resembled like Indian team in 1990s. When few wickets fall early, the tail will collapse very sooner. The same happened to Chennai Super Kings.

Everyone started saying "Delhi f***d Chennai and it will never win.". But they should remember it is 2nd ranked team last season and Delhi was in 3rd. Awaiting the next match when Chennai is going to beat Delhi with a terrific win.

That day is not too far...

Friday, 24 April 2009

Present and the Past

My Present and the Past - The RBS and the Nestlé
Pictures of my Current project and my previous project in Gurgaon, Haryana.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

கவிதை கூலம் 1

கொலுசு சத்தம்

கொலுசு சத்தம்
கேட்டு பிறந்த கவிதைகள்...
மெட்டி சத்தம்
கேட்டு இறந்தன...

குறிப்பு: இந்த அழகிய கவிதை என்னுடையது அல்ல...பிறர் சொல்ல கேட்டது...

Maggi and the Electric Rice cooker

Scene 1: My usual breakfast is always water. But yesterday morning I was so hungry and decided to cook Maggi for myself. So confident with my cooking expertise on Maggi, I boiled the water in Electric rice cooker.

Scene 2: The water was so hot and I put Maggi and the masala in it. It seemed only half cooked and there was more water in it. So I decided to heat it again.

Scene 3: Electric cooker is on and I am cooking as if in a Kadai. There seemed no way of water being evaporated and clock was ticking.

Scene 4: I closed the lid and went to have bath. There was a terrible shock waiting for me on my return

Scene 5: My hunger has reached its peak and I opened the lid very eagerly. I was so shocked to see the Maggi so biggggg. It had absorbed most of the excess water which I assumed to evaporate.

Scene 6: I tried hard to cool it down so that it may get hard and compact. But it still looked like Ragi given to hospital patient. But still I had no other go but to eat it.

Moral of the story: Do not cook Maggi in a Rice Cooker (Electric and Non-electric as well) and that too with its lid closed.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Mahabalipuram Trip

My friends and I went to Mahabalipuram. This was my Second trip yet it was a good all-time-green-memory trip. It was my last trip in Chennai before I came to Delhi.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Picture of the month_April 2009

This is the picture of Good looking Sabari, one and half years back.

Picture taken @ Kanyakumari ( Vivekanandar rock is at background)

Good na?

Rocking in Delhi

"Mein Hindi Seekh rahan hoon"
This how you say, "I am learning Hindi".
I was just above a normal guy who comes from South to a big metro like Delhi. I say above normal, 'coz I've watched many latest hindi movies, heard all latest hindi songs and had a craze to learn hindi for a very long time.

My dream has come true and I am learning Hindi fast. But the best way is to get a Girlfriend here and you can learn the language sooner. This was my friend's experience. I will track his steps if my learning method is not working.

Delhi is good and teamperature was same as Chennai when I reached here on March end. But it is real tough yaar! You've to be AC 24*7. Else you'll get skin related problems, body heat and lots of issues. That too for Tamilians who take Oil bath every weekend has to manage this hard time here.

Food is another big deal. Rarely you might find some tamil hotels, like I did. Inspite of the shop being small and not very much hygenic, I go to that hotel just to hear few guys speaking in Tamil. It is called the love for your language.

In the End One thing to survive in Delhi - Learn Hindi or else you're F***d here.