Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Rishikesh Trip - an Awesome experience

This is one trip I will never forgot in my lifetime. My friend Anubhav told me that after completing the rafting, you will feel that you've acheived something in your life. It was true and I felt after the first rapid.

The terms "rapid" is used in Rafting. It is the place where the water flows from a higher level to a lower level. It seems like an easy taskk but you scream to hell and feel the death right before your eyes. Once you cross the rapid, you will desparately start waiting for another one.

We did all sort of tricks. Upside down of the raft, 90 degree shift, crossing Type 4 rapids, crossing rapid by hanging outside the raft and not by rowing...

The unfortunate thing is all our cameras were placed in dry bag of other raft and we couldn't take photo of ours during rafting. All we could do is to wait for the other raft to come, get our cameras and take photos where we took rest.

All my Rishikesh trip photos are uploaded in Picasa and can be viewed here

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