Friday, 26 February 2010

55 fiction - The Intelligence Quotient

“These Plutonians are so stupid. How can they send a guy with this much I.Q to Earth? Won’t the people find out?”

“Don’t worry mate! They are not as wise as we Martians are. We will operate and let this baby live here”

“What will the people call him?”

His name would be Albert Einstein.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

55 fiction - You and Me

I watched your emotions keenly. You were on the edge of your couch, biting your nails, eyes glued to the tv. There was the last ball, India lost the match by 1 run.

“Damn” you shouted and flung the aquarium frustratingly. I flew in air and died on the carpet. Tears rolled down your eyes.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

55 fiction - The Second Chance

Scientists were trying to restore the Milkyway galaxy from a very old backup. Operation was performed in Andromeda. Planets destroyed by Earthians revived to life one by one. Winnux OS crashed with BSOD during the Earth restore. Restore completed after a reboot.

Earthians were given second chance to live in peace with other planet beings.

55 fiction - The Destiny

I held my gun at point-blank to his head. He kept smiling at me until I shot him. I collapsed to the ground along with him; felt my heart beat, sweat all over my body and suddenly the blood rushing on my neck.

A stranger's voice echoed in room, “You both share the same destiny”

55 fiction - The War and the Watch

The war was over. He was looking for something amidst the debris. Suddenly he noticed a shining object at distance. He ran to it eagerly, knelt down, took it in his left hand. 

Tears rolled down his blood stained cheeks on seeing his special pocket watch next to his right hand severed 2 days ago.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

55 fiction - The Admission

A RED sunrise between the mountains, a BLUE stream in front of the BROWN house, A little boy plucking an YELLOW apple from a tree in the middle of an ORANGE desert and it continued further to end of the paper.

Looking at the picture, the psychiatrist said “Final test completed. You can admit him”

55 fiction - A walk in the rain

They were walking in rain in that lonely road. The girl kissed on his cheeks and ran away blushing. Suddenly a lightning came down on her and she hit the ground with a thud.

With heart full of love, He stood there in silence enjoying the rain and the first kiss of his deaf-blind life.

Monday, 15 February 2010

55 fiction - The Hangover

Water dripping from kitchen tap, smell of lunch preparation from neighbor, MJ crying out loud in Television, warm sun through the window, last night martini still tasting good

I'm fast asleep giving rest to all of my senses until that alarm rung suddenly.

“Oh! It’s Monday and I’m late to office again. Damn this hangover!!!”

55 fiction - The Chase

Those thugs were chasing me for past 20 minutes. I’m running to escape from their deadly weapons whilst thinking one valid reason for being killed.

Suddenly a car came from nowhere thrashing on them. Before driver could hit the brakes, they were under the wheels. I saw my twin brother’s picture in the blood pool.

55 fiction - MY Kingdom

One god, One religion, Non-corrupt officials, Friendly nations, Pollution-less Earth, No poverty, No disease, smiles everywhere.

That’s MY Kingdom. I came out to the palace lobby, waved my hands at the crowd gathered, smiling with pride.

“Hey! look, our son is laughing in sleep”, I heard my father’s words before falling down from my bed.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

55 fiction - Death wish

It was 8:15 A.M. She can’t even afford milk for her baby. She prayed to god for a death wish. That’s when she heard the big bang and everything blacked out.

It was August 6, 1945 - Hiroshima. 
I closed my eyes with tears and switched off the TV. The calendar said August 6, 2005.

55 fiction - Die in peace

My hands were trembling. I cannot do this. Yet I am holding my M4 carbine pointing at you.
I let you take your gun and shoot me. Next moment we both went with a bang to the ground.
I have not killed an unarmed man”, my heart said and I closed my eyes in peace.

55 fiction - A Winning smile

I was standing on the top of that 40 storied building. The ground below was calling my name out loud. I've made my mind and without any further hesitation, I pushed him off the roof.

With a cruel winning smile on my face, I shouted "This is for my wife"
and the Director said "Cut".

Note: I am in a writing spree for my client magazine - RBS World. The rule is to write a story in 55 words with minimum one character, one plot and one suspense and of course a resolution.