Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Fix the messed up Windows 7 dual boot

Today I installed Windows Server 2003 just to run some virtualization projects on my laptop. But suddenly I noticed that my laptop doesn't boot the original Windows 7 OS and neither did I get the dual boot option. I faced the same issue 2 days back but was not aware these issues then and had to reinstall the entire OS and lose my data.

But today luckily I managed to surf through various websites in my room mate's laptop and find a simple way to solve this issue.

1. Does you workstation or laptop boots into a recently installed OS (XP or Server 2003) and no dual boot available for Windows 7? If yes, please go ahead. Else quit reading this blog (just kidding...)

2. Login to the new OS (XP or Server 2003), Open command prompt and run the following commands:

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot

Both commands will execute successfully.

3. Now try these commands:

bootrec /rebuildBCD
bootrec /scanos

These commands will complete however it will end up saying Windows Installation: 0

4. So better we push through some other commands:

attrib -h -s -r c:\ntldr
attrib -h -s -r c:\bootmgr
ren c:\ntldr ntldr.old
copy c:\bootmgr ntldr

5. Reboot your workstation or laptop and find the magic.

6. Now you will login to Windows 7, open Computer Management.

7. Find the Disk management, delete the drive and partition used for the new OS. Now better start using it as some other drive in your PC and stay safe.

Don't ever mess up with Windows 7 again. Curse Microsoft and Enjoy your Windows 7.