Sunday, 28 June 2009

My picture of this month

This is the best casual pose, I ever did. Venue - Near National Museum, Edinburgh, Scotland.

"The Hangover" - Movie review

Hmmm...How to start with?

Do you like suspense movies? The movie which unveils the plots at the end, making us remember all the things happened until that point.

Do you like hilarious movies? Not the tickling kinda movies; but the one which will make you throw yourself out of your chair out of laugh and feel your stomach aching out of laughter....

Then you definitely need to watch the movies. But please do watch in Theatres. It is as good as spending the whole day with your best friend after many years and filling your heart with joy. Do you think only LOVE makes butterfly effect in stomach? You will definitely change your opinion on seeing this movie.

For guys who don't understand much of the dialogues in the English (Language) movies like me, this is a good one to watch. You will understand all the dialogues and laugh like hell. Just concentrate better than watching any other American movies.

This is one true hilarious English (British) movie.

Ok. Enough is enough. Let me explain the story line.

The story starts like this: One fine day, there was fine lady....Na..Na..Na..I'm not going to tell the story. I said, I'm gonna tell the storyline and not the entire story. So guys the real start is here:

As you can guess from the name, this movie is all about hangover on a Bachelor Party night. A "Soon-to-be" Bridegroom throws a Bachelor party to three of his friends, one being his future brother-in-law who is supposed to be a kind of retarded gay. One guy is a dentist who lies to his wife about his whereabouts and joins the Wolf Pack; that's how The RetG (Retarded Gay) calls the gang. I don't know what the job of the other guy was. Who cares?

The movie starts with a lady trying to reach the gang over the phone and finally gets one. She asks him something and he replies "We f***ed". Nice dialogue to begin a comedy movie with. The lady who called is the bride and the guy on the phone is our who-cares guy. The movie goes to flashback as how the guys assembled together and started their trip to "Las Vegas". Oooooooohhhhh...What a city man!!!! I wish never to go that city. I'm afraid; I’d lose all my money over there.

So....back to the storyline again. The RetG gets everyone of them a drink on the roof of the Caesar Hotel. RetG proposes toast for THE WOLFPACK. The time passes and flashes out to open on next day. You see the entire room being f***ed around. It is a real hell a lot of mess and you see everyone sleeping at strange positions and places inside that Villa. RetG wakes up for a pee. He goes to bathroom just to see there is someone already in there watching him.

Who was he??? What happened the previous night, what are the consequences, how they end up in funny situations, how they unveil the mystery is the rest of this hilarious-suspense movie. You also get to watch Mike Tyson on Guest appearance in as a is-it-he introduction. Also a Chinese funny guy to add more flavor to the fun.

Note: Don't forget to notice that when Wolf Pack reaches the roof of the hotel, one guy places a stone to stop the door from closing automatically. Once it gets closed automatically, you can't open it without a key from outside or by someone from inside.

Moral of the Story: Never ever get too much drunked at any party. If you wish to get drunk, atleast have a guy who is in control along with you in case. He may be needed to carry you to home in case you passed out.

Lesson learnt: Windows in Las Vegas hotels are locked. (You will understand once watching the climax of the movie)