Monday, 21 December 2009

Enter the world - Avatar: My View

I'm writing this post right after watching Enter the World - Avatar. I still feel some Pandora sounds ringing in my ears.

Story Plot:

The movie opens with Jake Solly's journey to Pandora. His brother is dead. So the similar genetic organism which is of course the hero himself is chosen to be sent this new world and learn their war techniques. He is an ex-marine and you can see his determination and mind power throughout the movie.

The chief scientist of this experimental trip knows all the in and out of the Na'vis, One of the Pandora community. She has even written a book out of her experience. Na'vis speaks some tribal language and they are real men in blue. 10 feet tall, Flat nose, big eyes and one tail is the entire description of a typical Na'vi. Chief scientist is not actually interested in sending an untrained personnel like Jake to Pandora. With not much choice left she leaves to Pandora. Hope you all might have seen the clip in trailers, where Jake falls in to deep water after being chased by a monstrous animal. This is the actual start of thrilling experience in Pandora.

He is saved from some wolves kinda animals by Neytiri who is accidentally the daughter of the Na'vi Chief. Now Jake learns Na'vi techniques from her. He also learns that his mission to talk and make Na'vi people relocate from the Holy tree to somewhere else could never be completed. The Holy tree has some magnificient Chemical deposits which would sell for $10 million/Kg. Now you know why the arm base camps and all robots, mega sized guns are piled up in Pandora.

Meanwhile Jake and the chief scientist go to Na'vi and get back to base camp via a Matrix kind of technology. If you sleep in Pandora, you can wake up at the lab and vice versa. Finally the selfish army general orders to destroy Pandora. This is where Jake tries to side with Na'vi against human race. When Na'vis comes to know his mission, he becomes a traitor.

The war is on between selfish human race and Nature loving Na'vis. Being a traitor for both human race and Na'vis, What was Jake's next move? Whether he regained Na'vis faith and his love or joined human to the war is the climax.

Lesson to learn:

The movie describes clearly how selfish the human race is. We should learn to love nature on seeing Na'vi people. When heroine kills some animals and saves Jake, we are glad. But she cries that killing those animals was unnecessary. She goes near a wounded animal, says some Na'vi dialgoue which means "Your body will stay with us but your soul will be with lord" and throws her knife into the animal's heart. That was one fabulous scene to feel the pain of Na'vi when they go against nature. There are lot more scenes like this throughout the movie and a big lesson for us to learn.


If you plan to watch this movie in 3D and if 2D movie ticket is comparitively cheaper, better watch it in 2D. 'Coz in some scenes you will be so involved in movie yet those scenes will run fast as if someone is shaking the camera too fast. It is just that all frames are being projected in 3D, you will not able to distinguish that much faster and finally end up in irritation. One good example is the monstrous animal chasing Jake and he falls into Deep waters. This clip was too good in trailer (2D), but it was unclear in 3D. I even got headache while watching half of the movie.

3D review:

With high risk of H1N1, wearing the used glasses which would not cover the sides of the eyes, watching the screen for 2 hours and 41 minutes creates more irritation. Without glasses you would see three images like shadows. But if you haven't watched any 3D movie yet, this will satisfy your desire.

There are few scenes specifically kept for 3D enjoyment. You will enjoy the Pandora beauty of hanging mountains, green forests, different kinds of flora and fauna. This will be more exiciting than in 2D. I bet my money on that.

So depending on the money you decide to spend for the movie, watch in 3D and stay with the dreams of Pandora. Tonight when I close my eyes, I am definitely going to Pandora and meet the Na'vi.