Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Bruce Lee Fight

The Deadly weapon

This is one of the deadliest weapon since Bruce Lee re-introduced it in movies. You can see that this small video is a good example.

Monday, 27 April 2009

When Chennai Super Kings Lost

Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Dare Devils on 24/04/2009
It was a real sensational match in IPL season 2 history. Delhi had scored 189 for 20 overs. It was not supposed to be an easy target for Chennai.

When Chennai managed to score 106 in 10 Overs with loss of 2 wickets, everyone in TamilNadu would have shouted aloud that Chennai will won just like me.

But unlike others it is difficult for me to watch the match here in Delhi. With supporters for Delhi all around you can't celebrate all the fours and sixes of Chennai. And when everyone prays for a wicket or run out around you, it makes you really so tense.

In fact, I started watching the match after 15 overs confirming that Chennai is going to win. Until then I was referring the scores in cricinfo. But when Chennai started losing more wickets, my hands were almost shivering. I was hiding it from being seen by Delhi supporters.

The last 2 run out and 2 catches were blunders. It could have been avoided. Freddie didn't even felt that he got out and his team is on losing side now. The match end resembled like Indian team in 1990s. When few wickets fall early, the tail will collapse very sooner. The same happened to Chennai Super Kings.

Everyone started saying "Delhi f***d Chennai and it will never win.". But they should remember it is 2nd ranked team last season and Delhi was in 3rd. Awaiting the next match when Chennai is going to beat Delhi with a terrific win.

That day is not too far...

Friday, 24 April 2009

Present and the Past

My Present and the Past - The RBS and the Nestlé
Pictures of my Current project and my previous project in Gurgaon, Haryana.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

கவிதை கூலம் 1

கொலுசு சத்தம்

கொலுசு சத்தம்
கேட்டு பிறந்த கவிதைகள்...
மெட்டி சத்தம்
கேட்டு இறந்தன...

குறிப்பு: இந்த அழகிய கவிதை என்னுடையது அல்ல...பிறர் சொல்ல கேட்டது...

Maggi and the Electric Rice cooker

Scene 1: My usual breakfast is always water. But yesterday morning I was so hungry and decided to cook Maggi for myself. So confident with my cooking expertise on Maggi, I boiled the water in Electric rice cooker.

Scene 2: The water was so hot and I put Maggi and the masala in it. It seemed only half cooked and there was more water in it. So I decided to heat it again.

Scene 3: Electric cooker is on and I am cooking as if in a Kadai. There seemed no way of water being evaporated and clock was ticking.

Scene 4: I closed the lid and went to have bath. There was a terrible shock waiting for me on my return

Scene 5: My hunger has reached its peak and I opened the lid very eagerly. I was so shocked to see the Maggi so biggggg. It had absorbed most of the excess water which I assumed to evaporate.

Scene 6: I tried hard to cool it down so that it may get hard and compact. But it still looked like Ragi given to hospital patient. But still I had no other go but to eat it.

Moral of the story: Do not cook Maggi in a Rice Cooker (Electric and Non-electric as well) and that too with its lid closed.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Mahabalipuram Trip

My friends and I went to Mahabalipuram. This was my Second trip yet it was a good all-time-green-memory trip. It was my last trip in Chennai before I came to Delhi.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Picture of the month_April 2009

This is the picture of Good looking Sabari, one and half years back.

Picture taken @ Kanyakumari ( Vivekanandar rock is at background)

Good na?

Rocking in Delhi

"Mein Hindi Seekh rahan hoon"
This how you say, "I am learning Hindi".
I was just above a normal guy who comes from South to a big metro like Delhi. I say above normal, 'coz I've watched many latest hindi movies, heard all latest hindi songs and had a craze to learn hindi for a very long time.

My dream has come true and I am learning Hindi fast. But the best way is to get a Girlfriend here and you can learn the language sooner. This was my friend's experience. I will track his steps if my learning method is not working.

Delhi is good and teamperature was same as Chennai when I reached here on March end. But it is real tough yaar! You've to be AC 24*7. Else you'll get skin related problems, body heat and lots of issues. That too for Tamilians who take Oil bath every weekend has to manage this hard time here.

Food is another big deal. Rarely you might find some tamil hotels, like I did. Inspite of the shop being small and not very much hygenic, I go to that hotel just to hear few guys speaking in Tamil. It is called the love for your language.

In the End One thing to survive in Delhi - Learn Hindi or else you're F***d here.