Monday, 27 April 2009

When Chennai Super Kings Lost

Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Dare Devils on 24/04/2009
It was a real sensational match in IPL season 2 history. Delhi had scored 189 for 20 overs. It was not supposed to be an easy target for Chennai.

When Chennai managed to score 106 in 10 Overs with loss of 2 wickets, everyone in TamilNadu would have shouted aloud that Chennai will won just like me.

But unlike others it is difficult for me to watch the match here in Delhi. With supporters for Delhi all around you can't celebrate all the fours and sixes of Chennai. And when everyone prays for a wicket or run out around you, it makes you really so tense.

In fact, I started watching the match after 15 overs confirming that Chennai is going to win. Until then I was referring the scores in cricinfo. But when Chennai started losing more wickets, my hands were almost shivering. I was hiding it from being seen by Delhi supporters.

The last 2 run out and 2 catches were blunders. It could have been avoided. Freddie didn't even felt that he got out and his team is on losing side now. The match end resembled like Indian team in 1990s. When few wickets fall early, the tail will collapse very sooner. The same happened to Chennai Super Kings.

Everyone started saying "Delhi f***d Chennai and it will never win.". But they should remember it is 2nd ranked team last season and Delhi was in 3rd. Awaiting the next match when Chennai is going to beat Delhi with a terrific win.

That day is not too far...

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