Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Rocking in Delhi

"Mein Hindi Seekh rahan hoon"
This how you say, "I am learning Hindi".
I was just above a normal guy who comes from South to a big metro like Delhi. I say above normal, 'coz I've watched many latest hindi movies, heard all latest hindi songs and had a craze to learn hindi for a very long time.

My dream has come true and I am learning Hindi fast. But the best way is to get a Girlfriend here and you can learn the language sooner. This was my friend's experience. I will track his steps if my learning method is not working.

Delhi is good and teamperature was same as Chennai when I reached here on March end. But it is real tough yaar! You've to be AC 24*7. Else you'll get skin related problems, body heat and lots of issues. That too for Tamilians who take Oil bath every weekend has to manage this hard time here.

Food is another big deal. Rarely you might find some tamil hotels, like I did. Inspite of the shop being small and not very much hygenic, I go to that hotel just to hear few guys speaking in Tamil. It is called the love for your language.

In the End One thing to survive in Delhi - Learn Hindi or else you're F***d here.

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