Monday, 15 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland - My view

A good 3D movie after Avatar. It is really wonderful that more movies are now being made in 3D. But the tickets price also needs to come down. Anyways I was lucky for 2nd time to watch a movie on Monday morning and come to office in 3:30pm shift (hey...I work for a UK client). I know lot of guys would be jealous on reading this..LOL

The story starts like this: Alice, a girl having wild dreams since childhood is ready for her marriage on one fine day. Her fiancée (son of the business man who took over her dad’s company) asks her to marry. But she runs away into the garden where she fells inside a tree hole which goes on and on and on into a Wonderland. This is where her adventurous journey begins.

Everyone talks to her as if she is very well known figure “The Alice”. But she is convinced that they have misunderstood her for some other Alice. She is being chased from a meeting spot (Red Queen’s workers but White Queen’s loyalists) to Johnny Depp’s Tavern which is nothing but a writing table. Johnny Depp called as Hatter explains how Red Queen destroyed the happy White Queen’s kingdom and took the throne. But soon she is being chased by Blood Hound, One eyed lover of Red queen and the soldiers. They miss Alice but catch the Hatter.

Hatter is brought to Red Queen’s court where the queen orders that his head be cutoff. Alice is already there sitting next to Red Queen. She has come there to save Hatter. Befriends a monster dog, gets the royal sword and flies back to White Queen’s castle. This royal sword will be used to kill the dragon and make White Queen win. But she has no enough courage. (Come on, she came this far. Can’t she do this?)

Champions fight for their queens like the Achilles vs Boagrius fought for their kings in ‘Troy’. (Sorry for the guys who haven't watched the great film Troy). But the difference here is Alice cannot win as easily as Achilles.Hey, after all she is still a kid fighting against a fire spitting dragon. Whether Alice killed the dragon and brought her victory to her queen? What happened to the hatter in Red Queen’s Court forms the climax of the movie.

Reasons why I didn’t like the movie
  • After watching a movie like Avatar in 3D, this is no where near to it.
  • I didn't understand the names of any characters other than Alice, Red Queen and the White Queen.
  • My favourite actors Johnny Depp’s character could have been shaped better.
  • Anne Hathway as White queen sucks. Lot of better choices are there in Hollywood.
Reasons why I liked the movie
  • Johnny Depp
  • Some scenes are too childish
  • Witty humour (which could have been better)
  • Funny cat and the Red Queen