Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Step Up 3D - My view

My 75 days movie fasting ended with a nice dance feast today with Step up 3D. I do like to dance and always feel it. That's what the movie is all about too. We are all Born from a Boombox. Yes, you heard me right. Boombox it is...your heart...

If you have watched Step Up 1 &2, the characters might be easy to cope up. This movie starts with Luke (Rick Malambri) taking a movie with his handy cam. There are bunch of guys who have nothing but dance as the backbone of their lives. They explain the life and the passion for dance. Then the next scene is Moose (Adam G.Sevani) joining the NYU (NewYork University) in some engineering course along with his best friend Camille (Alyson Stoner). If you can remember Moose is from Step Up 2 - The streets and Camille comes from Step Up. They have brought both of them here to show it's sequel. Moose's parents are proud that he gave up dance and joined NYU. We all know that's not gonna last. He proves it in next 3 minutes.

Moose accidentally enters a dance battle in the college and wins it with syle. But he won the dancers from 'The Samurai',a famous dance group who are gearing up for the World Jam (One of the world's big competition in dance with a $100,000 as prize money). But Moose disturbs a ballon sellers stall in the process. Police arrives and dancers run for their lives in Fast&Furious style. Luke help Moose to escape and gets him to his safhouse "The Vault" where all the dancers shown at the beginning of the film stay together, live together and breathe dance together. They are called "The Pirates", arch enemy of The Samurais.

Luke had spent his time in collecting these homeless, jobless dancers into his vault and also filmed their stories cum dance moves. It is his passion to make movies apart from dancing. Then he meets Natalie another homeless dancer and invites her to be a pirate. There is a slight romance going between them. On other hand Moose and Camille have their kiddish love going. Moose finds tough to balance his dance life with Luke and his classes/ friend Camille. Meanwhile the Qualifying rounds for World Jam starts.

Moose is unable to participate in First Qualifiers. However he makes it to the second with style. Yes, remember the final dance in rain in Step Up 2. Moose's famous step with his right foot splashing the water. The same step is here as well. So now it is the World Jam finals with The Samurais. Don't ask the logic of what happened to other teams or how Samurais got to finals. It is all not needed here as we need to see only Pirates dancing. As an expected twist, the DVD of Pirates gets published in internet with all their moves prepared for finals. Natalie turns out to be sister of Julien (Joe Slaughter), the captain of Samurais. Moose fails in his personal life with Camille.

What happened to Luke's love and Moose's friendship? Who is the traitor? How did they perform in the Finals? What happened Luke's passion for film making? The answers wraps up the climax of the movie.

As expected Final battle is amazing. Watch out for the LED show. It's so cool and 3D makes it so amazing. You will feel it. The Robot, Santiago Twins, Chinese dancers and the small kids everyone are amazing in the movie with their special moves. There was not even one moment I felt boring. I was not ready to leave even during the credit titles being played after the movie was over. Because there is a guy performing hand dance sitting on a chair. Unlike the acrobatics and fierce dance moves from the whole movie this seems to be so cool and can be tried by anyone.

There are enough 3D scenes to enjoy. It's not a kid's movie to expect too many 3D scenes. But whenever needed it is there. Be it the dancers throwing their hands and legs at you or splashing water at you or glowing the LED around you, you will feel as a part of the dance battle. That's the amazing part of this movie. If you like Step Up, Step Up 2: the streets or if you even just like dancing, then you will definitely like this movie a lot. The basic message from the movie is if you are a B-Fab (Born from a Boombox), go ahead and do it.