Thursday, 23 April 2009

Maggi and the Electric Rice cooker

Scene 1: My usual breakfast is always water. But yesterday morning I was so hungry and decided to cook Maggi for myself. So confident with my cooking expertise on Maggi, I boiled the water in Electric rice cooker.

Scene 2: The water was so hot and I put Maggi and the masala in it. It seemed only half cooked and there was more water in it. So I decided to heat it again.

Scene 3: Electric cooker is on and I am cooking as if in a Kadai. There seemed no way of water being evaporated and clock was ticking.

Scene 4: I closed the lid and went to have bath. There was a terrible shock waiting for me on my return

Scene 5: My hunger has reached its peak and I opened the lid very eagerly. I was so shocked to see the Maggi so biggggg. It had absorbed most of the excess water which I assumed to evaporate.

Scene 6: I tried hard to cool it down so that it may get hard and compact. But it still looked like Ragi given to hospital patient. But still I had no other go but to eat it.

Moral of the story: Do not cook Maggi in a Rice Cooker (Electric and Non-electric as well) and that too with its lid closed.


  1. Quite ironical, i too had an 'EXPERIENCE' with Rice cooker last night.. looks like there is some plate wic had to be put inside the boiling unit.. but i put it between the cooker base n boiling unit.. so within 2 minutes the cooker wud indicate cooking finished even when the rice had hardly boiled.. i tried twice.. i kne i was makin a mistake so i resorted to the faithful old pressure cooker and had a fabulous dinner :P

    1. I never saw ur comment. So we both had serious encounters with rice cooker. LOL

  2. but can i cook maggie in rice cooker without a lid?? will it work??

    1. Yes, it'll work. Just pour less water, add masala and put Maggi later. You can add water if you feel it is less. But never close the lid. It'll cool Maggi like rice absorbing all water, which we obviously don't want.