Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Revisiting the history - A Trip to Taragarh Fort

Beginning the Trip
Me and my friends started for the trip from Ajmer after our lunch. Having known a little about the place, we were expecting to see a beautiful fort, some wonderful architecture of Mughal empire. We travelled in a Jeep to reach the hill top. On the way to top, we could see the watch towers on fort and how steep the hill was from the walls.

I imagined that any king would have to come through this road only to conquer the fort. There would be no other way. Leading the battalion even in a moonless night to climb the hill secretly and conquer the fort would be a mass suicide. Soldiers at watch towers would be able to notice the hill until the ground. Countless number of rocks rolled down by them would smash the enemies to dust. No other weapons will be needed. What a strong fort it should have been? It amazed me a lot as we travelled higher and higher in the hill. But there was a big shock waiting for all of us there.

A Visit place or a We-Shit place
Once we reached the top, immediately we started exploring the fort and other areas around it. It didn't look like Rajasthan at all to me. All I imagined of Rajasthan was a hot desert. But against my imagination, this place was surrounded by Green mountains.

Enjoying the nature around we reached a Darga. Since we had already visited a big famous Darga in Ajmer, we decided to skip this one and moved the other way ?!?!? To be frank, there was no other way. The opposite street ended abruptly and we had walk through some shitty places to reach the end of fort.

When we reached there all we could see was the entire place being fucked by illegal encroachments and residents throwing waste all over the place. Thank god, we didn't see any foreigners there who could have taken pictures for portraying poor India in their picasa or Flickr albums. The entire place was so disgusting to see that led me this thought. Akbar used this place as a fort or a shitting place? It was that moment I decided to write all these details in my blog and vent my anger so that atleast other guys reading this blog might remove this fort from their trip and be relieved from disappointment.

I don't know what the Archeaology Survey of India is doing there. It was written "Protected Monument" on a board which was not even maintained in a good condition. The signs of protection to the monument were nowhere to be seen in our eye sight.

A small (accidental) relief
The Fort wall was spreading all across the nearby mountains. It was such a massive structure and my anger grew more and more when I thought how the people have messed it up now. We walked along the damaged fort wall to stop at some good view points and take photographs for our Orkut and facebook profiles.

At the end of fort wall, few of us started climbing up a watch tower. There was a good real good view of Ajmer and mountains around waiting for us. 3 of us succeeded, 2 didn't try and 1 tried unsuccessfully. That was the only relief by then. Anubhav was the one failed to conquer the watch tower ;) He was so fat to climb up the tower. Listening to Nitin's idea, he tried on a different side to reach the top. It was a real rugged surface and any man with a slightest common sense of Physics would have avoided it. But Our dear gay (meaning=happy) friend with all the enthusiasm in his whole fat body, started climbing. One of the rock slipped and he went down against the rocky wall marking the remembrance of the trip all over his body. There were bloody scratches on his belly, shoulders and arms. Don't know if he was hurt somewhere else also. May be Monal could explain us the details. This is what we all saw when he removed his Rajasthan Royals T-Shirt.

We all laughed at the fine moment forgetting the fucked monument and nasty, ditchy place around. Anand applied an after shave on Anubhav's wound to avoid any septic . You should have heard his scream by then. He didn't scream to hell though. But it was like a cry of a horse in pain. That was so horny too. All I could tell others at that time was that he sounded like "horny horse". We all finally had a bursting laughter of ten minutes there which was an accidental relief to our tiresome trip by then.

End of the day's trip
After this horny incident everyone were tired and decided to get move towards Pushkar. Our next plan was a night stay in Pushkar Peacock resort and to explore the holy place the next day. What we didn't expect was that a new danger was waiting for us early in the next day morning. I will tell you that fucking story in the next blog.


  1. I have visited this place two days ago. Horrible experience. I went there in my car based on a local auto driver's recommendation. Route was dangerous to drive and my car clutch plate got damaged on the way. I should have read your blog before visiting there. My Pushkar visit got spoiled because of the car problem. How was the Pushkar visit?

  2. Sorry to hear that. Luckily you didn't visit Pushkar. Or else you might have ended up paying at least Rs.600 to some person who wants you to pay the last rights to your ancestors. There are few Brokers/Tourist Guide who will explain a lot about the temple and finally ask you to do this. It was funny when a friend of mine paid more than any of us inspite of being an atheist.